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If you are not able to start home schooling your child from grade school, don't fret! I started home schooling my son when he entered eighth grade. The first year, I fumbled around trying to create my own school curriculum. Somehow I thought this would make me a better "teacher". That year was rough. Not only was I stressed trying to find good books and make sure he learned everything he "should", he was adjusting to the newness of being home schooled. Then I found Sonlight. Whew what a relief. Sonlight provides complete student and teacher resources. My son has learned so much! (me too) He started college at the age of 16 and thanks to all he learned from Sonlight, tested out of five English classes and two Math classes! He is now 18 and making straight A's! Bottom line: Sonlight is your answer for home schooling.

Merry Lane

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