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 Reference & information

 HowStuffWorks logo HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks is a web site with articles on various objects and concepts. It has an internal search.

 MerriamWebster logo Merriam Webster Online

Merriam Webster Online has an online Abridged Dictionary available for free and Unabridged, Collegiate, and Encyclopedia Britannica available with access charges.

 One Look Dictionary Search

A large online dictionary.

 The World Factbook

The World Factbook is an extensive book of facts published by the Central Intelligence Agency.

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 Science Fiction

 Ex Astris Scientia logo Ex Astris Scientia

Ex Astris Scientia is Starfleet Academy's motto. The material is a bit focused on a particular era (seems to focus a bit on the Galaxy-class Enterprise-D era), but very interesting. Diagrams, information, and other goodies.

 GriffWorks Shipyards

This is a Star Trek model building site. Very interesting what some come up with. There are many links to other sites (relating to the same subject of course).

 Ship logo Ship

This site has attempted to collect and display all of Star Trek ships available, and some others too. Includes links to author sites, where available. Warning: some of these ships are, well, visually challenged.


The official Star Trek web site.

 Virtual Star Trek

Possibility of mature content. Virtual Star Trek is a site housing several unique fan fiction star trek series. A few are listed below.

Star Trek Renaissance: A fan fiction series with several seasons under its belt. Quantum slipstream drive and zero-point energy source used.

Star Trek Frontiers: A fan fiction series with a few seasons under its belt. Transwarp propulsion used.

Star Trek Star's End: A fan fiction series detailing not a ship but a planet-based colony.

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 College & University

 Lewis & Clark Community College logo Lewis & Clark Community College (IL) (DLE)

Lewis & Clark Community college is in Illinois. This community college serves portions of Madison County. The college participates in a joint-use program with the Edwardsville school district at the N. O. Nelson Campus in Edwardsville. The N. O. Nelson Campus is currently under renovations as it formerly housed a bathroom fixture factory.

  Southern Illinois University (IL) (DLE)

Southern Illinois University is in Illinois and has campuses in Edwardsville and Carbondale. The Edwardsville and Carbondale campuses each have their own separate degree programs and facilities. This University also has a Dental School with locations in Alton, East St. Louis, and Edwardsville.

 Southwestern Illinois College logo Southwestern Illinois College (IL) (DLE)

Southwestern Illinois College is in Illinois and its main campus is located in Belleville Illinois. The college also has extension campuses in Red Bud and Granite City. Southwestern Illinois College is District 522, incorporating parts of Madison and St. Clair Counties.

 Waubonsee Community College (IL) (DLE)

Waubonsee Community College is in Illinois.

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Their motto is: as individual as you are.

 OHANA Hotels

"OHANA Hotels" has locations in Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, and more. (part of Outrigger)

 Outrigger Hotels & Resorts

"Outrigger Hotels & Resorts" has locations in Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, and more.

 United Vacations

"United Vacations" has vacations to many popular locations.

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